Closer to the Moon

Bucharest 1959. A spectacular bank heist has the country in an uproar. In post-war Communist Romania it is an unimaginable slap in the face  to the iron fisted authorities. Four men and a woman are arrested, tried, convicted and while waiting for their execution… are forced to star in a propaganda film about the crime. All five protagonists were heroes of the resistance during the Second World War and highly placed members of Romanian society. They clearly knew they would be caught and executed. Why did they do it?


  • Vera Farmiga,
  • Mark Strong,
  • Harry Lloyd,
  • Tim Plester,
  • Christian McKay


  • Michael Fitzgerald, Bobby Paunescu, Renata Rainieri (producers)
  • Nae Caranfil (director);
  • Marius Panduru (director of photography);
  • Cristi Niculescu (production designer);
  • Doina Levintza (costume designer)