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Since our inception, we have evolved to be the most highly-awarded, premier hosting service provider recognized by numerous leading businesses.

We specialize in offering Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting services, including 10GBPS dedicated server hosting, dedicated server in the netherlands hosting, 1GBPS dedicated hosting, and 1GBPS dedicated hosting services. We provide fast and secure hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our web hosting data centres are located in different cities, and we offer 24/7/365 support. With a global workforce, we offer better web hosting experiences to customers from 150 countries. 

Since the launch of our Company, we have been the primary eco-friendly web hosting provider. As your hosting needs increase, our services will grow with you. We offer free domain names, unlimited bandwidth, and free email storage with our Personal, Professional, and Business web hosting plans. You can get reliable hosting solutions from us, whether you need a simple website to host or a dedicated server at an affordable price. Moreover, you’ll be supported by our experienced staff. We deliver trusted hosting solutions.

Dedicated Server
Cloud Compute

We provide cloud computing services to our clients. In cloud computing, a virtual server instance exists within a public or > private cloud network. In cloud computing, a single piece of hardware is embodied in software and run across several computers.

Managed germany dedicated server hosting
Block storage

As an alternative to file storage, block storage is ideal for high-performance, mission-critical applications and environments that require a consistent input/output architecture and low latency. In a Storage Area Network (SAN), a block garage is frequently utilized in the area of file storage.

The private dedicated germany server address
Dedicated cloud

The purpose of a dedicated server is to provide applications and services and host data storage and backup services. Such a server may also host and provide specialized services to an organization, such as implementing dedicated file servers or network servers.

About Us

We lead and support our customer’s cloud

Our web hosting solutions are built tactically, with the best scalability in mind. Our servers have ample spare capacity to allow rapid expansion.

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Our key differentiators

Dedicated Server
Geographic Footprint

Our Company provides A virtual global network with one of the broadest geographical coverages in the industry.

The powerful dedicated server in germany
One Click Apps

Our 1-Click Apps handle all the research, configuration, and set-up for you. Developers can deploy fully functional applications with one click.

Dedicated Server
Full Resource Control

We'll show you the best resource management tool options and explain the differences among them in this in-depth review.

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Upload ISO / Mount ISO

Get Uploaded ISO images of CDs or DVDs that can be mounted in Virtual Servers via our site.

Dedicated Server
Linux, Windows and BSD

Linux. Windows 2000. High Reliability - FreeBSD is highly robust; numerous cases of servers with uptime measured in years exist.

Dedicated Server
No Long Term Contracts

We prefer month-to-month contracts rather than long-term agreements typical of most Support companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domains are areas of control or areas of knowledge. Names in computing and telecommunication often identify them. Knowing the domain and range of functions of a resource is also possible based on graphs. A knowledge base is typically a collection of facts about various program entities and network addresses. Domain in a chart is the range of feasible enter values, and area in a graph is the set of all viable enter values displayed on the x-axis.

Depending on the character of your commercial enterprise, you may want to determine what number of domain versions you should have. Here are some standard guidelines to recall while determining how many domain versions to very own. It’s clear what you do, and it’s easy to remember. If you want to protect your business’ online identity and avoid opposition from fierce rivals, you need to invest in multiple variations of your primary domain name.

MandragoraMovies is your go-to option if you’re looking for the best hosting provider in 2021, offering the best-in-class services at an affordable price. All of our customers receive the best web hosting services from us 24/7.

With MandragoraMovies, you can find the perfect plan to cater to all of your business needs at an unbeatable price. We offer shared hosting for small websites. We offer reseller hosting for those who want to start their own hosting business.

The shared hosting method involves hosting multiple websites on the same server. All users have access to the same disk space, CPU, and memory, so the cost is shared by all users. Shared hosting is affordable because other users share resources and services among themselves. The real estate and resources are shared between different users.

Hosting refers to the process of allocating space on a web server where a website can store its files. Web hosting makes the files (code, images, etc.) composing the website publicly accessible. There is a server for every website you visit.

There are four main types of host: shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller, which differ by the technology used for the server, management level provided, and services included.

The average cost for developing a small business website is between $100 and $500, but this could change depending on your goals. Custom-built websites can cost up to $30,000. A domain name and web hosting are required to start a business website. In general, a domain costs $14.99 per year, and web hosting costs around $7.99 per month. When you combine those costs, the annual cost of building a site is $110.87.