WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004 Pc Game REVIEW We’re releasing our original review of World of Warcraft to celebrate the launch of WoW Classic. In December 2004, the article appeared in issue 144 of PC Gamer UK. We are currently working on a fresh WoW Classic analysis, now that the servers are up.

This analysis does not extend to the extreme. The worst always knows the truth and they just come here to ridicule my failure to get higher than level 33 before they have to settle down and start writing. My mate, the analysis is for you. Yeah, indeed. I was just like you, because I was.


I had my beautiful autumn games all lined up in August: Doom 3, followed by Rome: Total War and Half-Life 2—perhaps a dollop of San Andreas and Halo 2 thrown in for good measure. I had absolutely no plans to play anything else beyond my normal review duties, and definitely no desire to fall for either the EverQuest II or the stupid online realms of World of Warcraft. I had been in Ultima Online for a few days, in EverQuest for a little more, and in EVE Online for about ten confused minutes Such games weren’t for me in frustrating, time-consuming, meaningless and filled with strangers who acted strangely. Is one of those rings a bell?


Then it happened: I was given no choice but to build a role and play for half an hour during a press event in September. The scales were falling from my hands and my play patterns were changing forever.

Every MMO’s opening minutes are crucial moment: when a player is placed at a crossroads in practice. History is littered with the bodies of defeat, like the “This road to quests!””Signpost, and sometimes even good games try their best to put you off too early on too deep. WoW’s development of character is straightforward–more of which later–but the opening minutes evoke a strange feeling that will come back over and over again during your experiences: that you are actually playing a single-player game, not one filled with hundreds of other participants.

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